We all want to keep that new car look but we cant do that with rock chips or paint peeling. Paint Protection Film from Xpel has a new advanced technology that allows the film to self heal when scratched and or chipped so you will never have to worry about those scratches or chips ever again. PPF also will protect your clear coat from ever fading away or peeling. We all can protect every painted surfaces on your vehicle so you can get all of the protection on your car that you would like. 

the benefits of ppf

PPF protects your vehicle from any rock chips, scratches or scuffs. 

PPF also can act as a ceramic coating so water, dirt, and road grime just falls right off of the protected surfaces.

You will never have to worry about paint peeling or sun wear on the spots that are protected on the vehicle as the PPF has a UV blocking technology which you will never have to worry about the PPF every yellowing. 

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